Covert Closet


Now have the best of both worlds with Scent Crusher’s NEW Covert Closet. Use as a roller bag on the go and have all the features of the closet at the lodge! This new bag transforms into a covered closet while you are stationary and back to a roller bag for mobility. Using the NEW battery-operated Halo Generator either in the bag compartment or on the garment rack when setup, it will be sure your items are scent-free and ready for your next hunt.

  • Works with all Scent Control Clothing
  • Reinforced Pull Straps
  • Heavy-Duty Rugged Roller Wheels
  • heavy duty extendable pull handle
  • 12v and 120v Charging Cords Included
  • Easy Setup
  • 4+ Hours on Single Charge
  • 2 Hour Recharge Time
  • Portable Ozone Unit
  • Whisper Quiet Circulation Fan
  • Weather-Resistant Base
  • Heavy Duty Zippers
MODEL: 59359-CCL


4 hours or more on single charge scent crusher product
Portable ozone unit scent crusher product
Whisper Quiet Circulation Fan Scent Crusher
Weather Resistant Base Scent Crusher
heavy duty zippers scent crusher product



• Overall Closed Dimensions: 32”x20”x13”
• Assembled Closet: 59” Tall
• Weight: 15lbs
• Portable, Easy Assembly
• Heavy Duty Zipper and Liners
• Maintenance Free Ozone Generator
• 20- Year Life Expectancy

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